Partner with Des Moines Art Center on programming that provides art education to under-served audiences.

Art Access Makes a Difference

The goal of the Des Moines Art Center’s Art Access programs is to:

  • Use art education to inspire underserved students to express their unique identities
  • Use artistic expression to overcome adversity
  • Establish a sense of self-worth

For more information about the Art Center’s Art Access programs, contact Art Access using the button below.

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I am so thankful for this program! I work with adults who have lost a loved one in our hospice and experiencing intense grief. Our two-part mosaic workshop allowed them to realize that they are not alone in their grief, and that there are tools available to help them cope with their loss. Losing someone we love is one of the most difficult life experiences someone can have, and I’m so thankful that we were able to give them the opportunity to find meaning in the midst of that loss.”

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“We absolutely have cherished our working relationship with Des Moines Art Center! Kids and staff enjoy classes.”

We Value Our Supporting Partners

The Des Moines Art Center partners with a variety of non-profits, human health organizations, schools, and other community groups to achieve our goals.