Salon 4700 unites those who are curious and enthusiastic about contemporary art, seeking fun and authentic conversation.

In this membership group you can expect to learn, collaborate, and engage with artists, visionary community members, and other members of the Art Center. Salon 4700 hosts four unique events throughout the year. Programs often include private collection tours, intimate discussions with visiting artists, and special receptions.

What’s in the name?

Salon 4700 was formed in 2014 with the goal of providing in-depth engagement with the art and artists of our time, while fostering collaboration and sparking meaningful conversations. “Salon”, by definition, is a gathering of people for the purpose of amusement and increasing knowledge through conversation. “4700” is a reference to the address of the Des Moines Art Center – 4700 Grand Avenue.

How to get involved?

Art Center members at the Influencer level ($250) and above are automatically enrolled in Salon 4700. No additional fees or registration required.

Become a Salon 4700 member today

Salon 4700 Advisory Committee

Chair Agnieszka Pieta
Isaac Bracher
Emma Carroll
Debi Garner
Eric Heininger
Marina Sandquist
Karl Ritland

Past Salon 4700 Events

Public Art Tour (2022)

Studio visit with Oyoram (2019)

Visiting Artist Tom Burr (2019)

Behind the Scenes (2018)

Private Collection Tour (2018)

Vault Tour (2017)

Private Collection Tour (2016)

Crane Artist Loft Studio Visit (2016)

Fitch Artist Studio Visit (2015)

Questions about your current membership or upcoming Salon 4700 events?