The following quote from Schaechter deftly sums up this unsettling, beautiful, and challenging gallery of works.

“The fascination with humans and animals is vast. We are interested in our own behavior and would probably gape at every chance to witness our species at its best, worst, and everything in between. We are equally fascinated by our appearance—never missing an opportunity to really examine a person’s face or body. Social custom discourages this, but if we could, we would indulge.

This extends to our fascination with animals and even plants—who serve as our proxies or as a reflection of our nature. We are amazed at the similarities to us, and quick to point out the differences. We are utterly amazed at how alien and strange we are to ourselves and how familiar animals can seem.

Art is a safe place to stare.”


Hedda Sterne Mini Lectures + Conversation

Shaina Larrivee, director of the The Hedda Sterne Foundation, Nathan Augustine, art collections manager at Deere & company, and Jared Ledesma, Art Center assistant curator, introduce one of the most fascinating artists of the twentieth century that you've likely never heard of - Hedda Sterne.


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