Through its collections, exhibitions, and educational programming, the Des Moines Art Center provides opportunities for transformational art experiences.

Creating Together

Every voice belongs in contemporary art. The Des Moines Art Center commits to value and represent the unique experiences and perspectives of every visitor and staff member. Working toward equity and inclusivity within the museum, school, and community strengthens our ability to create better, together.

The Des Moines Art Center believes in the power of art to inspire personal, political, and social transformation.

We commit to exhibit and explore thought-provoking modern and contemporary art. We connect people and art by offering opportunities for feeling, imagining, dreaming, and creating. We promote curiosity and embrace critical and empathetic thinking with a spirit of openness. We strive to be a welcoming and equitable cultural resource. This effort to ensure access to art for everyone has been a core tenet of the museum since its founding. Admission is always free for all.

To be considered an essential element of the community, the Des Moines Art Center must reflect the diversity of the place in which we live and work together. Museums tell and record the stories of humanity, and with an eye towards equity and inclusion, we live up to the standards of our mission and the expectations of our audience.

Meet Our Staff & Board of Trustees

The staff and trustees of the Art Center are members of the communities we serve. Meet the teams who carry out the mission and vision of the Des Moines Art Center.


Exhibition and Collection Catalogs

Take the best of the Des Moines Art Center home with an exhibition or collection catalog. These beautiful books include full-color images of the artworks you see at the Des Moines Art Center as well information about the works, artists, and more.


Annual Reports

Explore a year-in-review of the Art Center’s annual exhibitions, programs, and classes. Review the Art Center “by the numbers” and discover ways to get involved.

Explore Annual Reports


The NEWS is published three times a year, highlighting upcoming exhibitions, programs, and classes. Discover new artworks added to the collection, upcoming events, and more.



As noteworthy as the art collection is at the Des Moines Art Center, the museum likewise boasts an outstanding collection of architecture.

Learn more about the architecture

Admission is free!  Start planning your visit today.