Image Permissions

Rights & Reproductions

The Des Moines Art Center provides images for educational presentations, professional research, print and electronic publications, as well as media projects. All requests for such reproductions must be made in writing. Permissions are granted at the sole discretion of the Des Moines Art Center. Please contact us for information concerning permissions, or to request photographic materials of works in the Des Moines Art Center’s permanent collection.

Available Photography

The Des Moines Art Center has high resolution digital photography and color transparencies available for reproduction. Low resolution color slides and black & white prints are available for academic research and lecture use only. They are not permitted for publication. If there are no photographic materials available of requested images, there will be a fee for new photography.

Request Processing and Terms of Use

Please submit your request in writing, along with a completed Des Moines Art Center Reproduction Application. The Des Moines Art Center Rights & Reproductions department requires six weeks for processing. There is no rush on new photography. Following receipt and approval of your request and application, we will send you an invoice and a Rights and Reproductions Agreement. The invoice must be paid in full, and the Rights and Reproductions Agreement signed and returned before photography is released.

Requests for photographic materials of the Des Moines Art Center’s permanent collection along with your completed Reproduction Application Form can be sent to the Des Moines Art Center using email, fax, or USPS.

Email Associate Registrar, Rights & Reproductions: Megan Harrington

Rights & Reproductions
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