Instead of moving through traditional gallery spaces, one will follow a path from darkened space to darkened space, each filled with light, color, and sound.

One space will feature Bill Viola’s Ascension, in which hypnotic blue light and underwater sounds enhance a film both pensive and hopeful. Another will contain Ran Hwang’s Garden of Water. In this playful and sparkling installation, light reflects of thousands of crystal sewing pins as video-projected rain showers and spiderwebs fall around the space. A third space will feature an installation by Kansas City-based guest artist Matthew Willie Garcia, whose combinations of three-dimensional prints on paper and video projections deal with transcendence and alternate realities. In the Bookey Gallery, Des Moines-based multimedia artist and Toni and Tim Urban International Artist in Residence, Oyoram, will install a room of LED monitors that will transport the viewer into a surprising, ground-shifting experience. Immersive presents art that provokes emotion and imagination as well as the eyes and ears and provides a place to step fully into the art itself.

This exhibition is organized by Curatorial Manager Laura Burkhalter.


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IMMERSIVE Exhibition

Immersive runs through Sunday, June 5 in the Anna K. Meredith and Pamela Bass-Bookey and Harry Bookey Gallery. This multi-part experiential exhibition invites visitors to be literally immersed in artworks...


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Inspired Conversations: Episode #3 with Ian Miller and Dave Hukill

Inspired Conversations is an audio program revolving around major exhibitions at the Des Moines Art Center, hosted by Museum Educator Mia Buch. Inspired Conversations are unscripted gallery explorations, unfolding meeting...

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