“Art helped me overcome addiction and develop a tight-knit artistic community, as well as a global platform. And I’m only just getting started.”
-b. Robert Moore

Des Moines-based, Iowa-born artist b. Robert Moore is known for powerful, striking works of art that confront issues of social justice and Black identity. Visually and emotionally direct, Moore frequently draws on his own biography for inspiration, likewise on the experiences and identities of friends and family members. References to art history and material culture, including flags and gravestones, abound in his work. For Moore, the political is intensely personal, and the personal political.

Featuring the recently acquired “Kin to War” along with new works created specifically for this, his first solo exhibition at a museum, including several paintings and two ambitious installations, this iteration of the Art Center’s acclaimed Iowa Artists series will inspire conversation and community gathering.

“Iowa Artists 2024: b. Robert Moore” is organized by Senior Curator Laura Burkhalter in partnership with artist b. Robert Moore.