This exhibition examines Modernist techniques through the lens of various genre groupings including landscape, cityscape, abstraction, and figuration.

Modernism was both an approach to artmaking as well as a mindset that focused on the new. The movement in the visual arts came in many forms and depicted a variety of subjects. The artworks in this exhibition, all drawn from the Art Center’s permanent collections, illustrate four subject areas: abstraction, city life, figuration, and  landscape. Within each theme, there are examples of multiple approaches, from the use of bold expressionism to simplified shapes to vivid contrasts in color and tone. Many artworks also grapple with the political or social undercurrents of the early 20th century, including the trauma of war and global economic and ecological concerns.

Artists in the show include Natalia Goncharova, Edward Hopper, Paul Klee, Diego Rivera, Bill Traylor and many others.

This exhibition was supported in part by Neumann Monson Architects.