I am sure you would agree, let us put 2020 behind us and anticipate a better year in 2021. With this expectation in mind, your Art Center teams are moving ahead with major plans for the new year. Our exhibitions include The Path to Paradise: Judith Schaechter’s Stained-Glass Art; Justin Favela: Central American; and Louis Fratino: Tenderness revealed along with Iowa Artists 2021: Olivia Valentine. An array of print gallery and permanent collections projects, including an exhibition that showcases our newly conserved painting by Francisco Goya, Don Manuel Garcia de la Prada, 1811, and another that features our works by Claes Oldenburg, will augment and complement these projects. The exhibitions will continue to address our goals of being an inclusive and welcoming institution, while adding to the scholarship of the field, engaging our local communities in meaningful ways, and providing a site for the community to gather together, at least virtually (for now), to share ideas and perspectives.

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