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DES MOINES, IA (January 2024) – Public art commissions are partnerships, and their success requires constant review and dialogue between each stakeholder—in the case of “Greenwood Pond: Double Site,” an outdoor environment erected in Greenwood Park, Des Moines, Iowa, between 1989 and 1996, these stakeholders include, primarily, the Art Center, the artist Mary Miss, and the City and citizens of Des Moines. The Art Center takes its responsibilities to its partners very seriously, and in the last several months, it has been engaged in frequent conversations with Mary Miss and the City – building on many years of dialogue.

Regrettably, for a variety of well-researched and long-documented reasons—principally those concerning structural integrity and public safety, all related to the original choice of materials, their proximity to and/or immersion in water, and their exposure to the harsh Iowa weather—the Art Center finds it necessary to deinstall “Greenwood Pond: Double Site” from Greenwood Park.

The Art Center has devoted considerable resources to “Greenwood Pond: Double Site” over many years, from the original commission to the present day, and it regrets very much that this outdoor environment has deteriorated to the point where multiple elements are unsafe to remain open to the public and are no longer salvageable. We appreciate that this is very difficult for Mary Miss, and we are committed to doing all that we can to honor both her legacy and the legacy of the remarkable “Greenwood Pond: Double Site.”

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