Member groups offer varied and unique opportunities to enhance your membership. Find the perfect fit for you!

Customize your Art Center membership by joining a member group.

  • Member groups are a great way to connect to those with similar interests.
  • Your support ensures the community has access to quality arts education.

Member groups can be an add-on membership benefit. You must have an active Art Center membership to join a member group.

  • Active members of the Art Center may join Art Noir and Print Club
  • Members at the Influencer level ($250+) are automatically enrolled in Salon 4700.

Art Noir

Art Noir hosts four unconventional and lively events throughout the year, offering new and creative ways to interact with the art around us. This group invites emerging professionals (ages 21-40) to share their passion for arts and culture.

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Salon 4700

Salon 4700 provides in-depth engagement with the art and artists of our time, while fostering collaboration and sparking meaning conversations. Participants can expect to learn and engage with artists, visionary community members, and other members of the Art Center.

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Print Club

Print Club encourages the study and appreciation of fine prints. Print Club members have the opportunity to directly enhance the Art Center’s collections with gifts of prints and the conservation of works in the collections.

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