“Coexist” delves into the rich, complicated relationship between humanity and nature, one based on both conflict and interdependence, revealing the connection between environmental activism and art.

Historically, nature has served as an enduring muse for artists, with its intricate designs and harmonious systems inspiring creativity and new forms of thinking. Philosophers, too, have addressed the subject of nature, exploring its physical, spiritual, and ecological dimensions across centuries and cultures. For many, nature has been an ongoing source of guidance that provides lessons in balance, respect, and humility.

With the rise of industrialization and the relentless pursuit of progress, however, the bond between people and nature eroded. Too often, nature is now considered merely a resource to exploit. “Coexist” features art from the Art Center’s permanent collections that illustrate the twinned fates of nature and humanity.

“Coexist” is organized by Curatorial Intern NajLa Evans with support from the Art Center curatorial staff.