The staff, board, and community celebrate the Art Center’s 75th anniversary in 2023, and we have many projects in the works to mark this extraordinary milestone. Our three major exhibitions during the year will focus on both the community in which we live as well as the handmade object, continuing the emphasis seen in the wood parquet works of Alison Elizabeth Taylor: The Sum of It. Our first major exhibition of the year, Art Center: 75 Years of Iowa Art, will commemorate this anniversary by highlighting the art and artists with connections to our Iowa community. One hundred artworks from our permanent collections as well as those on loan will comprise the show. This exhibition will be followed by Underneath Everything: Humility and Grandeur in Contemporary Ceramics, which will look at ceramics and its role in contemporary art. Finally, Transform Any Room will highlight the domestic textiles we live with every day and how they signify social and economic status. It will be a year to remember. Thank you for joining us in the celebrations.

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