Jonney Ambrose was the first member to participate in My Museum Monday during our 75th Anniversary year. “I so enjoyed my time at My Museum Monday—I wanted to say thank you!” Jonney told us. “I saw this time as a personal time for sketching, with the opportunity to experience the galleries in their own unique energies. I am so glad I applied; the experience was very inspirational.”

Jonney chose to sketch in the lower Pei gallery, overlooking the rose gardens on a calm February morning. He shared the space with Red Grooms’ “Agricultural Building,” an Iowa State Fair inspired sculpture that was on view for the “Art Center: 75 Years of Iowa Art” exhibition. Then Jonney decided to walk through the other galleries, taking in new and familiar artworks at his own pace. “The variety of work in the Des Moines Art Center’s collections includes full-on, world-class artists and masterpieces, all presented in a magical setting of architectural light and beauty.”

We are delighted that Jonney enjoyed his My Museum Monday experience and was able to find some new inspiration for his work. “The Des Moines Art Center supports inspiration, future, and creative awareness of the Arts for my community, and I support those efforts through my membership. I am so impressed with the Art Center’s focus on youth and adult education, I make a stand in support.”

Thank you, Jonney, for participating in My Museum Monday and continuing to support the Art Center as a member!