Join Museum Educator Mia Buch and guest Nathan Spalding of Sadboy Ceramics as they explore the Des Moines Art Center’s exhibition “Underneath Everything.” A must-listen, this episode is filled with playful and empathetic authentic experiences within a stunner of a ceramics exhibition!


Nathan Spalding Bio
Nathan Spalding is the owner of SadBoy Ceramics, located in Des Moines, Iowa. Nathan specializes in small-batch, hand-thrown, functional pottery. After nine years of practice, he started the business in February 2022 under the name “SadBoy Ceramics,” in recognition of the role pottery had played in managing his clinical depression. Pottery provided him with a creative outlet, as well as a community of makers and enthusiasts. It also offered up everyday, grounding moments – whether by sinking his hands into clay or sipping from his favorite mug. Through his pottery, Nathan hopes to inspire those same everyday, grounding moments. He also offers monthly Queer Clay Nights, offered on a sliding scale pricing model, where queer folx can gather to play with clay, foster community, and celebrate queer joy. You can follow him on Instagram or visit his website at