February 2023: Jonney Ambrose

Jonney Ambrose was the first member to participate in My Museum Monday during our 75th Anniversary year. “I so enjoyed my time at My Museum Monday—I wanted to say thank you!” Jonney told us. “I...

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December 2022: Jody Gifford

Jody Gifford applied to My Museum Monday after reading about it in the Art Center newsletter. She wanted to use her time in the galleries to write in complete silence. Jody described her desire to...

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Eliot Nusbaum on Des Moines Art Center Architecture (1998)

During the Art Center’s 50th anniversary, Eliot Nusbaum, Architecture Editor of Traditional Home Magazine, speaks about the unique achievement of twentieth century architecture, a collaboration by three of the most noteworthy architects of modern times,...


Des Moines Art Center NEWS: January to April 2023

The staff, board, and community celebrate the Art Center’s 75th anniversary in 2023, and we have many projects in the works to mark this extraordinary milestone. Our three major exhibitions during the year will focus...